Collagraph Workshop – Day Two

Mono tone printing

Select colour of choice – use extender to produce opacity. Using short bristled brush (stencil brush) work the ink into the plate making sure all parts are covered. Wipe off using old scrim, change the area of cloth regularly so the ink is removed and not just wiped around the plate. Change to clean scrim and repeat. Finally wipe off with tissue paper, keeping it flat whilst held between the fingers.

Place plate on pre-damped and blotted paper (min 280 grms) and pull through the press. Adjust pressure of press as required.



From left to right:Carborundum, grass and hydrangea in plaster, scratchings.


From left to right: Cling film on plaster then removed when dry, fabrics, cling film on PVA then removed when dry.

P1000749 (3)

From left to right: Tapes, papers and sandpaper, plaster

Addition of colour.

Ink up plate as before. using chosen colour pull out a thin layer onto the inking plate, dab with clean scrim flattened into a ball, dab off excess ink onto newspaper then dab onto plate with a figure of eight movement – just catching the top surface.


I found this process difficult – too much ink at times – not enough at other times



Then I attempted chine-Collé …. adding another layer of texture.


Although I didn’t produce any image of note I was delighted at what I was learning – all about the process.


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