Relaxed knitting for a serious cause.

It’s difficult for me just to sit and do nothing so when I came across twiddle muffs I knew I’d found the perfect reason to knit. Twiddle muffs are given to people with ‘restless hands’ – often caused by dementia  – and are similar to the sensory play mats babies have; items are attached to the muff to be stroked or twiddled with.

There is a basic pattern but any yarn and stitch can be used. This is the joy of making them as small oddments of yarn can be employed, different colours and thickness and any stitch you like. The emphasis is on the tactile nature of them so beads, buttons, ribbons or anything  that can be firmly attached is sewn on.

There are  many examples on the internet but here is my pattern.


Size 4 mm circular needle         If you don’t wish to use a circular needle  work the piece flat then join the long edges after decorating the knitting.
Oddments of double knit yarn
Beads, ribbons, buttons etc
Sewing needle to darn ends in and to sew on beads, buttons etc.


Cast on 60 sts. I use this number as I can knit patterns made up of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 stitches. Many different stitch patterns can be found on Knittingfool

P1010014 (800x600) I work in blocks of 8 rows. i.e. 8 rows in stocking stitch, 8 rows in pattern A, 8 rows in a different coloured yarn etc. I use a loop of different coloured yarn to mark the beginning of a new row – here I’m using a loop of cream wool.
Knit until the piece is approximately 12 inches or 30 cms – it does not need to be too precise. The outside of the muff is completed.
Knit for a further 12 inches or 30 cms. This is the inside of the muff so should be the same size as the outside. It does not need to be so fancy as the outside in terms of stitch pattern or colours.

P1010017 (800x426)
When the correct length has been achieved cast off loosely.

Darn in the loose ends of the yarn and decorate using the beads, buttons, ribbons etc. They must be sewn on securely. The pieces on the inside need not be so fancy as those on the outside as they won’t be seen, just felt.

When completed pull the outside over the inside and sewn round the edge so forming the muff.

P1010019 (800x600)
P1010022 (800x600)P1010023 (800x600)

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