Strange Material – Leanne Prain – Chapter Four

Textiles of Protest, Politics and Power

Yarn Bombing

12 yarn bombs to put a smile on your face: pink yarn military tank


Protest Banner

Textile protest banner


@artsemergency banner manifesto, perfect for the @PHMMcr #textile #power #arts


“A true Craftivist uses craft as a tool for gentle activism aimed at influencing long-term change.”  One stitch at a time.


Podcasts on the Subversive stitch – the placing of stitched textiles where they don’t belong.

Mr X Stitch

Literature – A Tale of Two Cities


Madame Defarge knitted the names of those executed by the guillotine during the French Revolution.

Gandhi – spinning for freedom. Previous blog entry Gandhi.

Diane Bush interview with this artist of political satire.


ImBLEACHmenr project.


Photos of corrupt politicians with bleach thrown at them – then the image was transferred onto blankets for the homeless.

Climbing Poetree S.T.I.T.C.H.E.D.


Performance poets Alixa Garcia and Naima Penniman  give 6″ squares of fabric to their audience who are invited to write a personal story on them.They are then made into banners.


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