An ‘in’ with a stranger & flora residency

Another trip to Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre to see a couple of exhibitions.

As soon as I walked into the gallery I had a feeling of excitement. Aidan Moesby has curated  a selection of artists,  Catrin Andersson, Joanne Mitchell, Zoe Preece and Tim Shaw using the weather as a metaphor for the human condition.

On first glance there seems little to unite these four artists but the skill of the curator has found communality. The weather is a safe topic to spark conversation yet none of these works are safe – all are thought provoking leading onto deeper discourses.

Catrin Andersson is a Swedish artist working directly with the landscape.  She had captured such delicate markings on the paper but with such forcefulness of image.




Joanne Mitchell skilfully traps air bubbles into blocks of glass


Legion kiln formed glass air entrapment 2015

Zoe Preece is a Cardiff based ceramic artist and, although I admire her work (the condition of being in between states), it has left wondering how it fits in with the metaphor of weather, although that too is continually between states.


No Tangible Object I, porcelain, wood, 2015 (Detail)

Tim Shaw added the dimension of sound to the exhibition. A fan softly blows onto cups designed to measure wind speed, these in turn are wired to an electronic circuit causing three bells to be struck periodically.


Gust  2016

The catalogue for the exhibition.

After a delicious lunch in the Arts Centre Cafe it was time to visit Caroline Dear’s Flora exhibition which is the result for her time as artist in residence at Llantarnam Grange.

The catalogue is a series of bulletins documenting her time in Cwmbran, it is interesting reading. However I was disappointed with the exhibition as, although beautifully set out, it didn’t whet my curiosity. I felt it relied too much on the setting out of the materials, something I’d seen several times before. I wanted more connection with Cwbran, although a shopping trolley was included!

CDear-experimental-wall1-300x300 CDear-trolley-plants-300x300

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