Strange Material – Leanne Prain – Chapter Eight

Humorous Textiles

Prain outlines the need for humour in our lives and how the subversive stitch has taken gentle needlework to embroidered profanities in order to raise a smile.

Andrea Dezso has made a series of work Lessons from my Mother.

too-much-laughter-tears_800 I hadn’t come across her work when I’d embroidered  Mother Knows Best, 2015 – but this isn’t a humorous piece.

P1000974 - Copy

P1000980 - Copy

During her time of looking for paid work the artist Melissa A. Calderon  stitched six to nine hours a day to record her ironically titled piece My Unemployed Life. 

Controll 2011


Howie Woo is a multi-media, mixed media artist who describes himself as a story teller. He learnt to crochet and made his alter ego Woomi who has adventures Howie isn’t brave enough to have himself.


Gina Dawson has documented rejection letters by stitching them along with other souvenirs of her life.

Rejection Letter 2009

The wreath has one phrase lifted from the letter, realise that this is a potential disappointment for you

white columns rejection


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