Strange Material – Leanne Prain – Chapter Nine

Technology and New Methods of Storytelling.

“I really enjoy the way that the internet has enabled an interest in knitting to spread much further. I love the way that so many knitters embrace technology.” —artist Freddie Robins

This is the tail of the snake eating its own tale! I use the internet on a daily basis for research, this blog being a case in point. As yet I’ve not referenced digital technology directly in my work as some artists have but I use it to share my experiences. is one of my bookmarked sites – great for knitting patterns and ideas but is much more subversive.

I could never cover my Doc Marten boots but love the idea – maybe adapted for an old pair of baseball boots?


Phillip Stearns has taken corrupted data from a digital camera and used the images to machine knit wall hangings and blankets.

Glitch Textiles


Ruth Scheuing has tracked her movements via GPS then woven the results.


 Iviva Olenick terms herself as a narrative and sculptural embroiderer. She uses the restraints of Twitter (140 characters) to disseminate her stories around the world then embroiders them, along with other Tweets on scraps of fabric.drt

There is the dichotomy between the almost instant Tweet and the length of time it takes to hand embroider the words.

Kirsty Whitlock  uses materials not usually associated with embroidery to comment on contemporary issues. An interview with Kirsty by TextileArtist is here.

Losses 2009 newspaper& embroidery thread.Textile-Artist-Kirsty-Whitlock-Losses-2009

Carolyn Yandle moved from a career in journalism to that of textile artist but, like me, she has an abhorrence for art-speak.

QR Quilt: After Douglas Coupland 2013
Found business shirts, cotton fabrics, buttons
183 x 289 cms approx


This is taken from a painting by Douglas Coupland – when scanned it reads I wait and I wait and I wait for God to appear. And it works – I’ve scanned it! This has set some ideas off; now I need to learn how to create a QR code.


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