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Rewirement Day 25

Last night  my laptop and I fell out, I thought it was behaving itself after a hic-cup a few days ago but no, so I decided to treat myself to a new one. I was fed up with it running slow which made it difficult to watch videos. As I’m taking this on-line course The Science of Happiness I felt I had a good reason to do so. It would be counter-productive to be frustrated as I learned.

This morning I didn’t agonise as to which laptop to buy – usually I spend days researching and comparing  before making a purchase – but I went straight to the shop with a vague idea of what I wanted.  There I was given an option of four which suited my overall criteria then just one that ticked most of the boxes. It was a relief not to be confronted with many alternatives. I now realise having so much choice is stressful!

On the way home I savoured setting up my new acquisition and whizzing through the current research I’m doing.

The reality is a little different as the operating system is very different; I’m used to windows 10.  I know it’ll take me awhile to work round the features but in the meantime I love the speed at which it up loads and down loads.


Rewirement Day 24

No hesitation as to what my savouring time was today.

This afternoon I took out the cushions that had been packed away all winter and put them on the garden furniture. I then spent the next hour enjoying the heat of the sun, listening to the sparrows squabbling in the tree, and gazing at the Spring flowers. So peaceful!

Rewirement Day 23

This is a bit of a strange rewirement today. This morning I was doing some work for another course I’m taking and I had to list 30 things that annoyed me as I went through my day.

Normally I operate the other way, noting things that give me pleasure, that I’m grateful for or can savour. This negativity had a huge impact on me and by late afternoon I realised I was in a real grump, everything seemed wrong. Things I normally accept began to bug me – the internet was running slow, I couldn’t find a lid for a container. Usually I move on from these things but today I had to confirm their existence.

I’ve put that behind me now and am savouring my evening without taking note of any irritations.


Rewirement Day 20

On my walk round the park I pass a row of trees and I always peer at one in particular. It has a cavity in it’s trunk – just the place fairies would live.  Every time it changes – enough to photograph it each week to document the changes? No, I think Ii’m looking for more spontaneity in my next project but in the meantime will savour it each time I go by.

2019-03-23 14.45.35



Rewirement Day 19

There is no doubt what my savouring is today. A couple of evenings ago my laptop started to run slow so I tried to fix it but instead …………well, what did I do? It was in a loop of ‘automatic repair.’  Thankfully all is well now but after the big fright of thinking I’d lost everything I’ve spent several hours backing up my folders, and savouring the experience.