Picking up fallen leaves from my poinsettia plant – now I know why it was reduced. I expect it to be bald by the time Christmas arrives.


Am getting ready to go to a talk by Lois Williams and Mike Tooby. Part of me doesn’t want to go but to stay indoors pottering around; I feel a strong resistance that I must overcome. Sometimes I think that as I’ve missed so much in my life one other thing isn’t going to make any difference. But recalling the Lost in Lace exhibition – if I’d not gone to that my work would be all the poorer for it.

In my work room again – glorious sunshine outside but bitterly cold. I’m deciding on which fabric to use to cover a single piano fold book with. I’ve three swatches to chose from but am uncertain of the colours. My preference is one I’ve dyed using the shaving foam method – it’s produced very light, almost feathery pattern. 

I’m in my workroom with a fan heater on as it’s so cold. I’m folding some grey paper, pages to put into a workbook I’m making. I need to start one again as haven’t noted ideas, written exhibition reviews etc since graduating. No new work and if I am going for an MA interview I’ll need to take some recent work.

Not doing very much as have a dental appointment and I must leave the house in ten minutes. There is a smell of burning in the air as my vacuum cleaner started smoking earlier on. That’s the fridge, washing machine, vacuum cleaner broken within the last few weeks. Hopefully next year will be less expensive but I doubt it.