One month on

2017-08-30 12.17.43

I put the indigo dyed cloth next to a window that has the sun from about 2 o’clock until about 5 o’clock. I can see a slight fading. When I replaced the box I rotated it as I realised it had been placed up-side-down.



A parcel arrive from Japan today. I’ve signed up to be part of the Awa Indigo Art Project.


What’s inside?


The instructions as to what to do with the piece of indigo fabric which is fixed to an inner box.


I have the choice of two out boxes – one with a square aperture.


Or one with a round aperture.


I need to decide which one to use then place the box where ever I wish for a period of about 4 months in order for the fabric to fade. It will then be returned to Tokushima, Japan to be part of an installation. The cloth with then be returned to me.