The final piece

Since 1st January I’ve diligently knitted for a couple of hours a day and blogged about it. It’s all too immediate for me to evaluate the success of it.

My Degree show this evening so I hope to overhear comments about my work from people who don’t know me – see what unbiased viewers have to say. Very mixed emotions.

I had to knit in the morning and as I feel I’m on the point of finishing here is pointed edging.


Nearly ready for the show

Last minute tweaking at uni today. I cleared my exhibition space of my work journals and put up my business card holder. The entrance hall was cleaned up – but with no thanks to me and K block looks all ready to go.

I’ve chosen lacy chevron stitch to reflect two aspects of my exhibition – the lines and angles of my hangings along with the spaces between them. However I’ve lost all confidence that my exhibition has worked as I discovered the titles of my two pieces have been transposed. My gallery piece had been labelled Without a Map so I’m wondering how the tutors interpreted the daily labels on my work. And Within a Diary ………… surely that indicates it’s inside and not outside? Fortunately the labels haven’t been attached yet so all is not lost.

The collective sigh

One of the last group meetings today. I, along with most of my fellow students, was feeling very nervous. We met the external assessor and she chose 6 people she wanted to see. There was a huge sigh of relief from the rest of us when all the names had been called out and we hadn’t been included.

After a cup of coffee and a chat I came home to knit – switching tracks – as this is what I’m in the process of doing, switching from the student lifestyle to a new, unknown one. There are still remnants of uni over the next few days so it’s a slow weaning process.

What a quiet day

After the excitement of getting my degree show ready then the Jubilee weekend today has been a little flat. The weather is cold and damp and I’m feeling somewhat tired. I’ve decided to knit a large throw for a chair but after I finish my daily pieces – but knowing when to do that is difficult to decide. I have committed to knit until the private view on Friday so I suppose that is the logical time. I have nowhere to display them at home but have a couple of exhibitions I might show them in later in the year.

Reading time

I’ll looking forward to catching up with some reading – I’ve so many websites bookmarked that I’ve not had chance to view properly. Then I’ll delete a lot of unnecessary clutter from my computer – images I’ve had on since Access in 2006. Once I’ve sorted all of that out I think I’ll be ready to move forward.

My next little project is another postcard swap organised by Shannon Ganshorn I’ve been sent the 10 names and addresses so I’ll be thinking what to do over the next few days.

BUT first – a reminder about the Degree show – private view on Friday 8th then open everyday 10-4 until 14th June at University Of Glamorgan.

In the afternoon went to a street party to celebrate the Jubilee – it was lovely seeing young children taking delight in simple party games.

My stitch is a reminder of the incredible fireworks, fireworks stitch.

Coronation rain

What a shame that the rain poured down in London, damping the Jubilee festivities. Not that I’m a Royalist – more the sort of person who says ‘ any reason for a party’.

The day was reminiscent of Coronation day – I remember it being wet and cold. The one thing that had the most impact on me was not the tiny B&W neighbours’ television we went to watch but that their house was backwards! Our houses were semi-detached so the layout of theirs was a mirror image to ours – a very strange experience for me.

Something a bit regal today – crowns.