Made in Roath 2015

After a slow start on Saturday morning the rest of the weekend flew by. We had many visitors, sometimes the room was too crowded. One hic-cup, I forgot to put envelopes in the greetings cards….P1000974 - Copy
P1000980 - Copy
P1000984 - Copy P1000978 - CopyP1000976 - CopyP1000989 - Copy

P1000985 - Copy P1000992 - Copy P1000993 - Copy





It never happened

In spite of toying with several ideas over the last couple of weeks no new work.


P1000965 (800x599)

I’ve decided to revisit  the theme of family history. On one hand I’m wondering if I should challenge myself more and stick with my original idea of working from nature or should I return to what I enjoy. I don’t wish to become stuck so I’m looking on this abandonment as an opportunity to refine my skills of the domestic stitch.

Preparation – Made in Roath 2015

Open House again this year and I want to make a new body of work – away from concepts and work directly from nature.1 2 3 4

My spoils from a walk in the park. At this point I have no idea how I’m going to use the collection……….