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Developing Stitched Text – context

I think it’s important to keep in touch with what other artists are doing to keep myself fresh and for that reason I enjoy attending workshops but the last couple I’ve taken have left me with a slight feeling of disappointment, I think it equally important that the tutors also keep themselves fresh and not simply regurgitate their teachings.

I was not disappointed with Developing Stitched Text taken by Lisa Porch at Craft in the Bay.

We started the morning thinking about where text is seen, the fonts, the shape of the letters and that sometimes it is illegible or even meaningless, asemic writing.


This is an example by Lukasz Grabun

Then we had an introduction to contemporary textiles artists – this gave the workshop a strong foundation by showing us that stitch has as much validity to be in the art world as other media.

Cornelia Parker has combined the old with the new, To commemorate the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta  prisoners, artists, lawyers, M.P.s  and many others stitched a huge work, 13 meters long by 1.5 meters. The text was taken from the Wikipedia entry, which can be and is edited by anyone, so is in a state of change, unlike the original charter.

13 July Eye of the Needle - Cornelia Parker 15 June - Cornelia Parker at work on Magna Carta An Embroidery  Photograph by Joseph Turp

The work is currently on display at the British Library. A video of the making of the piece is here.


Then we went back in time to look at an example of a sampler worked by Elizabeth Laidman – finished in 1760168_1000 Back to a contemporary artist Aya HaiderThe Stitch is lost unless the thread is knotted.

 I’d not heard about signature quilts before.


Here’s a detail from a piece stitched by Fanny Minard in 1857.

Lise Bjorne Linnett is conducting an on-going project DESCONOCIDA UNKNOWN UKJENT  which she started in 2006 and is ongoing.




This is to commemorate the huge number of women who disappear from Ciudad Juaréz, Mexico. Lise writes about her work here.

Lisa showed us some of her own work.

lp_5_ shroud_ detail_sq600

Shroud  – Stitched textile inspired by a christening gown


Miss Willmott’s Garden

Images taken at the Exposed – Textiles in the Open  2010

Loraine Bulwer had been put into the workhouse  in 1907 at the age of 55 by her brother until her death in 1912.

lorina-sampler1536LSThis 12 ft letter shows Loraine’s state of mind – she’s filled it with angst and accusations.

I was reminded of Donna Rumble-Smith‘s work and my previous blog entry where I looked at her stitching.


An example of Donna’s books – as seen at Books of the Unexpected.

Ghadar Amer an Egyptian born resident of New York and uses text in her work.

barbie_aime_ken (1)

Barbie Loves Ken, Ken Loves Barbie, 1995/2002. Embroidery on cotton. Collection of the artist, courtesy of Gagosian Gallery

Paddy Hartley has honoured the skilled needle work of  Ralf Lumley who was a pioneering plastic surgeon.

Lumley+09 Lumley+07

Gunvor Nervold Antonsen is a Norwegian artist who stitches on large hangings – I’m surprised I’ve not come across her work before.


Entangled, Entrapped, Absorbed.
Installation view. Each object sized 300x300cm. Text embroidery on silk formed in half circles.

The last artist we looked at was Caren Garfen, An interview with Textileartist.org is here.


Don’t make a meal of it (detail), 2011

At this point there are a few crumbs in my note book – time for a break.