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Ephemeral Coast

A cold wait for the bus to Swansea and a longish journey but worth it for a visit to the Glynn Vivian Gallery  to see ‘These Waters Have Stories To Tell.…The exhibition explores how oceans, their ecosystems and climates are affected by our actions.’

Julia Davis. Her video took me into another world. It was for a minute or so before I could understand what I was looking at, I was totally immersed by sight and sound. Julia’s work needs to be seen on a large screen but here is a taster.

Julia Davis

I spent much longer than I normally do watching the video. It’s not a format I am attracted to and often ask the question, ‘Why is this art and not a documentary (or other genre)?’ I appreciate that many documentaries etc. are artful but visa versa?

Alexander Duncan also provoked me to question what I was looking at.

Alex Duncan.JPG

This image taken from his website shows the enormity of his work.

Christian Sardet and the Macronauts  I’ve put a link to the 6 min TED talk as it enhances the stills taken by Christian.


Jaanika Peerna also took my breath away. Her video showed her performance held in the gallery space. This image from her website demonstrates the principle at a different location.


Plastic paper was suspended then using a water-soluble mark making pen Jaanika hit the paper with great energy. There was no cello playing, just the percussive sound of pen on the sheet. Members of the audience were invited to contribute then, by using a block of ice, the marks were transformed. It took me back to when I took my Foundation Diploma when I placed ground up charcoal into water, froze it then let it melt on rag paper. Jannika has taken her a work a stop further.

jaan 2

There were several hanging on the large wall space – the plastic paper had been cut into strips then draped into fluid shapes.

As with all the artists Shiraz Bayjoo‘s work is beautifully executed but the frames seemed to be at odds with their contents. I feel I’ve missed some fundamental reasoning.


A wonderful exhibition, a joy to see and I’m so glad I went.