Reading time

I’ll looking forward to catching up with some reading – I’ve so many websites bookmarked that I’ve not had chance to view properly. Then I’ll delete a lot of unnecessary clutter from my computer – images I’ve had on since Access in 2006. Once I’ve sorted all of that out I think I’ll be ready to move forward.

My next little project is another postcard swap organised by Shannon Ganshorn I’ve been sent the 10 names and addresses so I’ll be thinking what to do over the next few days.

BUT first – a reminder about the Degree show – private view on Friday 8th then open everyday 10-4 until 14th June at University Of Glamorgan.

In the afternoon went to a street party to celebrate the Jubilee – it was lovely seeing young children taking delight in simple party games.

My stitch is a reminder of the incredible fireworks, fireworks stitch.