Like many people I’m interested in family and social history; this set of work is entitled Marriages.  I utilize aged artisan and agricultural tools (representing the male occupation) to which I attach a small piece of hand-knitted lace (representing the female). I knit the lace on very thin wire needles using fine cotton or linen thread designed for lace making. Taking names from old documents I complete each unique piece with a label indicting a suggested wedding day, mount them onto cotton fabric then insert them into wooden handmade box frames.

Dimensions range from 20x20cms to 40x40cms; priced between £100 and £150

Please contact me if you have a family treasure you’d like me to incorporate into a piece of work for you.


A Sign of the Times has been taken from a large wall hanging. It is a selection of personal advertisements posted in the latter part of the 19th century. Can be used as a tea towel or hanging – printed on unbleached cotton – £9.00 including P&P. Please contact me if you’d like to buy.P1010174



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