Memory Frame Maker

What do you do with your family treasures?  You know the ones, those little bits & pieces you’ve collected or inherited.

Granddad’s favourite tool, some buttons from Grandma’s sewing box, small souvenirs from their holidays, a tie, a pen, a Christmas ornament, the list is endless. They can’t be classed as heirlooms but are too precious to be thrown away, you have too much of an attachment to them.   

Commissioned Piece

Let me make you a keepsake of your curiosities.

Instead  of them knocking about, unseen,  in the back of a drawer or in a shoe box under the bed you and I can work together so you  have a unique framed artwork of your cherished artefacts. Maybe you’d like to include an often repeated saying or a page from a favourite book to remind you of happy times with a special person.

Each piece I make is bespoke, for you to hang  on your wall where it will become a conversation piece, a treasured memento; for you to tell your own family tales.


Maybe you’re de-cluttering or clearing out a family home but still want to keep some special trinkets which mean so much to you. The answer is to have them framed so you can continue to admire them.

Your first step is to contact me so we can discuss what you’d like. Prices start at £75.00 including postage and packing. 

FAQ are answered here.

Please note: I do not use glass in my frames – this is so you can still touch and smell the pieces you’ve selected to be framed.


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Please contact me if you’d like to know more.

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