Absence of the WitchThe Absence of the Witch 

30 cms x 30 cms  Mixed media £150.00

A selection of hand made books.

Old tools wrapped in bramble stitch knitting and embellished with a bird and flowers. Shown at the Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show in Cardiff 2018.

A body of my work work  made for the re-opening of a Victorian house in Cardiff, Insole Court 

Usually it is the ‘toffs’, such as the Insoles, whose history is narrated, but here I’ve developed the lives of the ‘lower orders’, who lived and worked either in Insole Court or in the surrounding area of Llandaff.   The names, dates and occupations have been sourced from original documents found in various archives such as church records, parish registers and censuses.

The tool represents the employment and status of the male.

The fine knitted lace  placed below depicts the domestic female; a reflection of the attitudes of by-gone days when the man was considered to be superior and above the woman. I’ve chosen to use the knitting as a metaphor as most women in the past would have learnt how to knit, both for pleasure and necessity.

The labels give names, occupation and the date of their wedding day. Who knows, maybe some of you will know of or be related to some of them?

Dimensions range from 25×25 cms to 40×40 cms; priced between £125 and £175



My thanks to Gaynor Howard for her help with research.

Please contact me if you have a family treasure you’d like me to incorporate into a piece of work for you.


A Sign of the Times has been taken from a large wall hanging. It is a selection of personal advertisements posted in the latter part of the 19th century. Can be used as a tea towel or hanging – printed on unbleached cotton – £9.00 including P&P. Please contact me if you’d like to buy.



2 thoughts on “

  1. Gail Mercer

    I Love this work, I am currently working on an art project with my art group called ‘HOUSE’ I am trying to find a photograph of my grandmothers house in London, which is no longer there but where I was born. Like you I am very interested in social history. Gail Mercer BA Hons Fine Art


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