3D object of names – dresses

I’m thinking about using the names of my (g)mothers in a 3D object so am exploring the form this may take. These are jottings of ideas and artist’s whose work interests me.

meredith-woolnough-9 meredith-woolnough-2

Meredith Woolnough machine stitches onto  water soluble fabric. I want to try to do this digitally with hand written names.


I’ve tried to track down the maker of this piece but in vein. I’ve chosen the image with the thought of making a metal cage. The names of my (g)mothers would be moulded around it – left to harden then the wire support remove…… a great deal to think through.


‘Keysook Geum blends, twists and cuts iron wire until invisible female forms look as if they’re donning gorgeous garments.’  Instead of using wire I could use strips of embroidered names formed into the shape of the body.


Ruth Lees has knitted this Spirit dress – if I could produce metres of names this would not be difficult to do but would the names get lost in the knitted stitch?


Taken back to the work of Chiharu Shiota. All the (g)mothers whose names I don’t know could be done in white thread.

I’m now thinking about being encased in the names of my (g)mothers – something warmer – it could be a blanket or even my coffin.





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